The Huntington Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, coaches, school administrators, community members and alumni. It has been established to promote, encourage and support athletic participation and excellence for the

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Welcome to our summer camps!  We are happy to announce each camp is now $125!  While our camps serve as a community service to the residents of Huntington, our goal is to create a healthy, safe and competitive environment wherein the campers will work to improve individual and team skill level and learn to appreciate that competition is fun.

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The Huntington Booster Club is very excited and proud to offer a number of camps to our Huntington community. We offer high-quality competitive camps to meet the needs of our Huntington children. We strive to create a healthy, safe and competitive environment where our campers will work to improve individual and team skills, learn sportsmanship and self-confidence and appreciate the physical benefits of athletics. Taught by many of our best Huntington coaches, our camps strive to teach campers the importance of physical training through strategic, tactical and technical drills. It is our goal to enable each athlete to learn and improve his or her respective skill level. Finally, our camps encourage youngsters to enrich themselves through self-motivation and
self-discipline and reinforce leadership and socialization as it is our belief that these values will help instill in our campers skills that they will need for life.


The Huntington Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, coaches, school administrators, community members and alumni.
It has been established to promote, encourage and support athletic participation and excellence for the students in the Huntington School District. The primary focus of the Booster Club is to financially enhance the district’s physical education and athletic department budget in support of all sports. The goals of the Booster Club are to provide financial support to maintain and improve athletic facilities at our schools, to purchase equipment for our students and teams, to conduct summer sports camps, to distribute annual scholarships and to provide refreshments at athletic events and sports awards nights. We will do this through annual membership dues and other fundraising throughout the course of the year. To accomplish our goals, we ask that all families, particularly those with student athletes at Finley Middle School and the Huntington High School, coaches and school administration support the athletic programs in the district by becoming a member of the Huntington Booster Club and by participating in our fundraising events.

•       There are NO REFUNDS after June 1st for cancellation before the camp begins or withdrawal once a session has begun, for any reason.
•       The Booster Club will not pro-rate days for late entry into sessions.
•       By enrolling in our programs permission is granted to use any photographs in connection with publicity for the Blue Devil Summer Camp programs.

For additional information, please e-mail Tim Madden at   or Tim Pillion at  .


GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY:    June 27, July 11,18,25, August 1,8    6:00-8:00 pm    grades 6-12

This camp is sure to improve your child’s skill level and knowledge of field hockey as they enjoy every minute of this fun camp!  Huntington High School Varsity coach Kathy Wright is the director of our Field Hockey Camp.  The advanced field hockey camp that will feature competitive skill work and game play for girls going into grades 6-12.  Huntington High School Turf/Grass

HIGHSTEPPERS DANCE CAMP:     July 1,2,3,5  9am-12pm   Grades 3-8 HS gym

High Stepper in training camp!  Learn competitive dance!  Directed by Coach Jenn Bendersky


GIRLS SOCCER:           July 1,2,3,5   9am -12 pm     Grades 3 - 8 HS TURF/GRASS
Directed by Huntington High School Varsity head coach John Walsh.   Each player is sure to improve their current skill level! A great way to prepare your child for the upcoming school sport season! This camp will focus on competitive drills and fundamentals and provide your camper with an environment where there is loads of fun! Huntington High School Turf


CO-ED TENNIS:        JULY 1,2,3,5     5-8pm       Grades 7-12       HS Tennis Courts
Directed by Huntington HS Head Varsity boys & girls coach Jaime Fishlow.  ­­This camp is sure to improve your child’s skill level & provide a fun environment while learning techniques taught by a winning coach! High School Tennis Courts


GIRLS LACROSSE 2:   July 8,9,10,11,15        8-10:30AM      Grades 5-8  Huntington Turf


All levels welcome!  Huntington High school Varsity Lacrosse coaches Vogelsang and Roth will direct the camp. The camp will foster a love for the game focusing on skill improvement while at the same time providing tons of fun


BASEBALL:           July 8-11          9am-12pm        Grades 3-8         High School Baseball Field


Baseball is directed by Bob Harrington.  Campers will have the time of their lives in America's favorite pastime!


Girls SOFTBALL:   JULY 8-11        4-7pm       Grades 4 - 12        HS SOFTBALL FIELD
This camp will teach the fundamentals that will improve each camper’s skill level and confidence in the great game of softball.  The softball camp will be directed by current Huntington High School Junior Varsity softball coach Jim Byrnes. Huntington High School Softball Field


COED VOLLEYBALL:     July 15-18    9am -12:00 pm      Grades 4-8 HS GYM


Directed by Varsity  coach Lauren Visbal.  Be a part of this up and coming program!


BOYS BASKETBALL:          July 15-18                   9am-12 pm                Grades 3 - 7     FINLEY GYM
This camp is directed by JV basketball coach John Romano. Campers will learn a ton of basketball and have loads of fun! 


BOYS LACROSSE:             June 15-18         4:00-7:00pm          Grades 3 - 8             HS TURF
Boys lacrosse is directed by head coach Julien Watts. This camp will
focus on teaching winning techniques and skills in an incredibly popular sport!
Huntington High School Turf  (full equipment required)


COED RUNNING WITH THE BLUE DEVILS CAMP    July 16,18,23,25,30, August 1,6,8,13,15        6-7:15pm 

 Boys & Girls grades   5 - 12   HS Track
Led by Huntington High School Varsity Track and Cross Country coach Elizabeth Vogelsang and Kyle Anderson.  Run like a Blue Devil on the Huntington High School Track


INTRODUCTION TO GIRLS LACROSSE      July 23,24,25,29,30        8-10:30AM           Grades K-4          HS TURF FIELD
A complete introduction to Girls Lax with Coaches Vogelsang and Roth.    On Huntington High School Turf Field


COED FENCING    July 22-25       5-8pm       Grades 7-12        Jack Abrams School


Directed by girls and boys Varsity coaches Vin O'Gara.  Experienced and beginners welcome!  Located at Jack Abrams school gym


BOYS SOCCER:            AUGUST 12-15           9am-12:00 pm                   Grades 3 - 9              HS TURF
The boys’ soccer camp is run by Huntington High School’s Varsity head coach John Pagano & Assistant Jason Suarez.  Kids will learn a variety of soccer skills and compete in fun games! Huntington High School Turf












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